Programmable - Switch Modes Effortlessly

All of the Skene Lights controllers are programmable and riders have full access to all modes without making any changes to wiring or physically accessing the controller to toggle a switch or connect it to an external device.

P3 rear system
You can change program modes quickly and easily at any time, using your brake lever.

Our P3 rear system offers:
• 3 brake light modes
• 3 emergency flasher modes
• 4 tail light modes
• 6 decelerometer modes

All settings are programmed independently and are retained after the ignition is switched off.  

Reference cards like the one on the right ship with every system and additional information is available in our support section. Click for P3 programming details.

Photon Blaster front system
Offers two modes of operation, the default has our patented conspicuity flicker enabled.  You can easily switch to the optional non-modulated mode without changing any wires or physically accessing the controller. Click for Photon Blaster programming details.

IQ-275 Intelligent Dimmer
Our dimmer offers up to three brightness settings in addition to 100%.  Each of these settings is programmable from "off" to "full brightness" in 10% increments, providing very flexible and convenient control over the lamps' brightness. Click for IQ-275 programming details.

IQ-270-A Intelligent High Beam Controller
Our high beam controller lets you choose the brightness level of your separate high beam lens when the high beam switch is off.  You can select any level from "off" to "full brightness" in 10% increments, to provide more light on the road and a more balanced look. Click for IQ-270-A programming details

For safety's sake, please change settings only when the bike is stationary.

Note: At Skene Lights, we stress that it’s the rider’s responsibility to understand and comply with local laws.  The unique programmability of our lights, using only the brake lever, provides the flexibility to adapt to local regulations by changing the brake light to a steady bright light or turning off our patented conspicuity flicker.

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