Because every bike is a bit different, we have a wide selection of mounting brackets for both the fender and brake caliper. The two Photon Blaster LED modules typically mount on either side of the motorcycle's front forks using brackets included with your order. Several different styles of brackets are available to fit most motorcycles. The table below shows a selection of sizes for a few models.

Three main types of mounting brackets are described below. The exact bolt, spacer and bracket sizes for each of our mounting brackets is listed in the product description in our store.

  • Flush-mount fender screw (T1, T2)
  • Recessed fender screw (T1-S, T2-S, T5-S, T7-S, T8-S, T9-S, T11-S, T12-S, T14-S, T15-S)
  • Brake caliper bolt(T3-S, T4-S, T6-S)

The LED modules may also be mounted on engine guards, sidecar mounts, etc., using your own brackets.

If your motorcycle is not listed, examine the front forks of your bike and determine if there is a fender mounting screw or a caliper bolt that can be used to mount the LED modules onto. If so, measure or look up the diameter of the screw - usually 5 mm or 6mm for fender screws and 8/10 mm for caliper bolts. Recessed fender screws and caliper mounts require a spacer to move the LED module away from the bodywork.

An online drawing of your motorcycle's front fender may be available that will indicate the size of the fender screw, usually either 5mm or 6mm. Bike "blow-out" schematic drawings can be found at: 

If you cannot find a match for your motorcycle please send us an email with your bike's model and a photo of the front fork area, to: [email protected]

We will likely be able to advise you on the appropriate bracket.

Note: yellow and white LED modules are shipped with a 48" wire on each, but this wire may be extended to 20' with no effect on the LED module's brightness.

Make Model Bracket
Aprilia  Capo Nord 2001-03 - on brake calipers  T6-S 
Aprilia  Capo Nord 2001-03- on fender  T5-S 
Aprilia  RST 1000  T5-S 
BMW  C650GT/Sport  T1-S 
BMW  F650CS  T1-S 
BMW  F650GS =2009  T7-S 
BMW  F700GS  T6-S 
BMW  F800GS  T2-S 
BMW  F800GT  T2-S 
BMW  F800S/ST  T2-S 
BMW  G650GS, mount on or inside air scoop  T1-S 
BMW  GX650  T1 
BMW  K100  T4-S 
BMW  K1100  T4-S 
BMW  K1200GT 04/2002-10/2004  T1-S 
BMW  K1200GT 11/2004 - 09/2008  T2-S 
BMW  K1200R  T1-S 
BMW  K1200RS, LT  T1-S 
BMW  K1200S/K1300S  T2-S 
BMW  K1300GT  T2-S 
BMW  K1600GT/GTL  T2-S 
BMW  K75  T4-S 
BMW  R nine T  T1-S 
BMW  R100RT  T4-S 
BMW  R1100GS  T4-S 
BMW  R1100R  T1-S 
BMW  R1100RS  T5-S 
BMW  R1100RT  T5-S 
BMW  R1150GS <11-2001  T4-S 
BMW  R1150GS =11-2001  T3-S 
BMW  R1150R  T1-S 
BMW  R1150RT  T1-S 
BMW  R1200 Montauk  T3-S 
BMW  R1200C - production 06/96 - 05/03  T4-S 
BMW  R1200C - production 10/03 - 05/04  T3-S 
BMW  R1200CL  T3-S 
BMW  R1200GS,GS/A =2013  T3-S 
BMW  R1200GS,GS/A wc 2013>  T1-S 
BMW  R1250GS,GS/A  T1-S 
BMW  R1200R  T1-S 
BMW  R1200RS 2014...  T1-S 
BMW  R1200RT up to 2013  T1 
BMW  R1200RT wc 2014->  T5-S 
BMW  R1250RT  T5-S 
BMW  R1200S  T1-S 
BMW  R1200ST  T1-S 
BMW  R80RS  T4-S 
BMW  S1000RR  T1-S 
BMW  S1000XR  T1-S 
Ducati  Monster S2R 1000  T12-S 
Ducati  Multistrada  T2-S 
Harley Davidson  Dyna, 2007-2010  T9-S 
Harley Davidson  Touring, 2007-2010  T6-S 
Harley Davidson  V-Rod, 2007-2010  T6-S 
Harley Davidson  XL - all, 2007-2010  T8-S 
Harley Davidson  XR1200  T11-S 
Honda  Africa Twin  T2-S 
Honda  CB1100 2013-14  T12-S 
Honda  CB500X 2013-15  T14-S 
Honda  CBR250R  T14-S 
Honda  CBR600R  T14-S 
Honda  CTX1300  T12-S 
Honda  CTX700  T12-S 
Honda  DN-01  T3-S 
Honda  Gold Wing GL1800  T7-S 
Honda  Magna 750  T7-S 
Honda  NC700X  T2 
Honda  NT700V  T2-S 
Honda  ST1300  T2 
Honda  VFR1200  T12-S 
Honda  VFR800  T2-S 
Honda  VT750CS  T12-S 
Honda  VTX1300C, VTX1300S  T3-S 
Kawasaki  Concours 14  T2-S 
Kawasaki  KLR 650  T2-S 
Kawasaki  Ninja 250 =2008  T2-S 
Kawasaki  Ninja 500 =2008  T2-S 
Kawasaki  Ninja 650 =20012-16  T12-S 
Kawasaki  Versys  T2-S 
Kawasaki  Vulcan  T1-S 
Moto Guzzi  Griso  T5-S 
Suzuki  DL1000  T12-S 
Suzuki  DL650  T12-S 
Suzuki  SV650  T12-S 
Triumph  Bonneville - non-T100/T120: License Plate Mount Bracket, bent 90 °, mounted between forks and fender  LBP 
Triumph  Bonneville - T100/T120  T2-S 
Triumph  Daytona 675  T2-S 
Triumph  Speedmaster  T3-S 
Triumph  Tiger  T2-S 
Victory  Cross Country  T15-S 
Yamaha  FJ 09 2015  T2-S 
Yamaha  FJR 1200/1300  T2-S 
Yamaha  FZ-1  T2-S 
Yamaha  Super Tenere  T14-S 
Yamaha  T-Max  T2-S 
Zero  SR 2016  T1-S 
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