Conspicuity Flicker - Increase Your Visibility to Inattentive Drivers
(Protected by US Patent No. 7,928,660)

An exclusive feature of Skene Lights systems is our patented conspicuity flicker.

This flicker dramatically increases your bike's visibility compared to normal running lights. The LED modules flicker when viewed out of the corner of the eye but the flicker disappears when viewed directly at a distance. The result is that Skene Lights effectively get the attention of inattentive drivers.

The flicker rate has been designed to optimize your motorcycle's visibility without being distracting or violating laws against flashing lights. The disappearance of the flicker when viewed directly eliminates any chance of target fixation (where an individual becomes so focused on an observed object that they inadvertently increase their risk of colliding with the object).

Our systems utilize a high-speed microprocessor and fast-acting, high-intensity LEDs to create our flicker by rapidly modulated the brightness of the LEDs.  Our conspicuity flicker takes advantage of the difference in the persistence of vision of the cones in the human eye's central field of view compared to the rods in its peripheral view.

The rod cells of the human eye have a faster response time than the cone cells, so flicker at higher frequencies can be sensed in peripheral vision but not in your central vision. This feature is particularly useful to get attention of drivers pulling out into traffic.

NOTE: Our patented "flicker" is differentiated from "flashing" based on the frequency of pulsing. While flashing lights are legal only for emergency vehicles, the flicker frequency used in our visibility lights is too fast for them to be considered a flashing light.  In addition, the flicker disappears when viewed straight on at a distance because of the way our conspicuity flicker works with the human eye.

At Skene Lights, we stress that it’s the rider’s responsibility to understand and comply with local laws.  The unique programmability of our lights, provides the flexibility to quickly adapt to local regulations by toggling off our flicker on both the P3 and Photon Blaster systems.

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