Low Power Draw - High Brightness

Unlike high power halogen lamps, the highly efficient and incredibly bright LED modules consume only 2.5 watts.  That is less than 3% of what other auxiliary lights draw!

The efficiency of LEDs enable them to run much cooler than incandescent or halogen bulbs.  This greatly increases their longevity. In addition, LEDs are shock-resistant making them ideally suited for motorcycle use because they don’t have a brittle filament like incandescent bulbs.

The low current draw of the design requires no relay, and because the lights come on with the ignition, no power switch is needed. The minimal current draw from the P3 Lights is not enough to trip any over-current sensors.

LEDs are not only much brighter than incandescent bulbs, but also quicker to reach maximum brightness. This is a critical advantage in brake light applications because it allows the driver behind you to see that you are braking sooner resulting in a shorter stopping distance.

Photon Blasters draw approximately 320 milliamps (1/3 of an Amp), much less than halogen fog or marker lights. This low current draw will not affect your bike's electrical system in any way. Photon Blasters are particularly well suited to smaller motorcycles that have limited electrical power available and that cannot use high power halogen lights.

P3 Lights draw ~ 100 milliamps (1/10th of an Amp) in the tail light mode and 150 - 390 milliamps in brake light mode. Most tail light circuits will easily support this extra current with no problems. Even though P3 Lights draw only a fraction of an amp, some newer motorcycles that use electronic current monitoring circuits have a very tight threshold as to how much additional current is allowed in the tail light circuit. On these bikes we have recommended alternative locations to connect to a switched power source.

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