Compatible with All Makes and Models

Skene Lights Photon Blaster front systems, P3 rear systems, and IQ-275 dimmers are compatible with all motorcycle makes and models including all late model BMW's and others that use the CAN bus.

P3 Lights have been designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with the BMW CAN bus. The original tail light is retained so the CAN-bus current sensor still sees the normal current draw from the tail light and brake light while the additional current draw from the P3 Lights is not enough to trip any over-current sensors.

Compatibility also includes models with the single-filament tail light bulbs such as the BMW R1200RT and K1200GT

The P3 system is also compatible with other tail/brake light solutions because the P3 system operates independently of other tail/brake lights. Just connect the P3 controller directly to your bike's tail/brake light wires before they connect to the other module and/or lights.

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